AUTOBOSS V30 Elite – Professional Diagnostic Scanner with great Asain & European Coverage!

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Autoboss V30 Elite is probably one of the most professional generic diagnostic tool for the trade, especially for Asian and European coverage.  It’s predecessor Autoboss V30 was first released in 2007, when Autoboss Tech. Inc. was still a private company.  After 5 years of code coverage development by hundreds of software engineers, it became a perfect Autoboss V30 Elite in 2012.  During the years the company was acquired by SPX, a US fortune 500 corporation in 2008, and later merged into Bosch group in 2012.  The giants of both SPX Service Solutions and Bosch all contributed to the forge of a perfect scan tool, in terms of technical experience and coverage improvements from family products such as OTC Genesys and Bosch KTS series.

If you need a good, reliable scan tool which is superb for Asain & European makes and generally good on Americans, the Autoboss V30 Elite is definitely a happy choice!

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