Is it necessary to buy a head-up display?

What is a head-up display?

A head-up display (HUD) is a computer-enhanced display that displays information, data, or other visual elements to the user’s focal point of view. It is a technology that projects information onto the windshield using a device on the dashboard. HUD technology allows you to focus on driving, keep your eyes on the road, and reduce the delay and discomfort caused by ignoring the rapid changes in the external environment between head down and head up, as well as the need to constantly adjust the focus of your eyes. Originally used in military aircraft, head-up displays are now available in some luxury cars as systems evolve rapidly. So how do you get that for cars that don’t have a head-up display? Do you have to buy a new car? Well, there’s another solution, you can add your aftermarket head-up display. Autool X91, for example, can be installed on your car to give you the head-up display of a luxury car.

Is a car head-up display worth buying?

The first element of driving is safety. According to statistics, traffic accidents caused by distracted driving account for the vast majority, and many drivers are injured or even killed. With a HUD, it can help reduce accidents and keep the driver focused on the road rather than looking down at the navigation or speedometer. You can see all the information you need in the line of sight, which usually includes:

  • The speed of the car
  • The speed limit to remind
  • Turn the navigation
  • Cruise control setup
  • Lane departure warning
  • The audio Settings


If you buy AUTOOL X91 head-up display, it in addition to GPS vehicle-mounted head-up display function, also includes TPMS tire pressure monitoring system and vehicle-mounted slope meter function, greatly improving the level of safety escort. It is equipped with a high-precision dual-channel satellite GPS signal module, which can locate the current position of the vehicle, provide latitude and longitude, speed, altitude, and precise compass direction so that you don’t get lost while driving. In addition, it can simultaneously monitor various tire conditions, such as pressure, temperature, and abnormal alarm function of all four tires. It can also measure vehicle roll angle and pitch angle in real-time. Accurately display downslope/upslope and left/right Angle values with over slope alarm.

The HUD’s screen format is also an important purchase factor, too big or too small can be distracting. The AUTOOL X91 is 70*59*59 (mm) and is suitable for most people to watch while driving.


How to install a car head-up display?

Most HUDs are plug-and-play and easy to install. It is important to make sure that the heads-up display is suitable for your vehicle before buying and that the product size you choose fits your instrument. Because the screen size of the product can affect what you see on the windshield, make sure it’s safe to drive when installed. For the Installation of AUTOOL X91, you just need to park the car on a horizontal surface, attach the glue to a place where you can easily browse, and manually adjust it to the level. Then connect the power supply to receive the satellite GPS signal, and wait for the data to show normal, you can start driving.

For more information on AUTOOL X91 products, check out the video. This is the best-certified car head-up display on the market. It works on all four-wheel vehicles and you don’t have to worry about not fitting your car.

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