Learn these 12 tips to improve the efficiency of car repair quickly!

Repairing a car seems complicated, but if you master some small skills, you can often get twice the result with half the effort.

I have compiled 12 car repair tips specifically for you; I hope they will help you. If you have other tips that you want to share with everyone, you can also leave a message in the comments~

1. Clever use of fuel injectors
The fuel injectors of diesel engines are sometimes very difficult to remove. At this time, we only need to loosen the bolt that fixes the fuel injection nozzle by 2 to 3 turns and then run the car at idle speed and push the fuel injection nozzle out by the cylinder pressure. It should be noted here that the bolts should not be loosened too much to prevent unnecessary loss or injury caused by the ejection of the fuel injection nozzle.

2. Cleverly take broken spark plugs
It is inevitable that we will unscrew the spark plug during the maintenance process. Due to the location problem, it is particularly troublesome to take it out. We are also worried about damaging the cylinder head. Using a broken screw extractor can easily take out the broken spark plug.

3. Cleverly take sticky tires
We often encounter tires that cannot be removed from the car, nor can they be hammered, nor can they kick left and right. At this time, we can tighten the tire screws by hand, then change the forward gear and reverse gear on the spot, and step on the brakes to separate the tire from the wheel hub under the impact of friction with the ground.

4. Quickly check the ball head problem
Lift the car and shake the tires up and down and left and right to see if there is a gap.

5. Easily pull out the plugs
Sometimes, we will encounter some plugs that are particularly difficult to pull, or the fingers are so painful that they can’t come down. At this time, we might as well use a small word to help us remove it.

6.Universal joint wrapping tape
Sometimes, we will encounter screws that are not easy to remove, and we need to use universal joints. However, the universal joints are movable, and it is difficult to insert the screws. We can wrap a few turns of electrical tape on the universal joints. Solve this problem.

7. Improve the service life of the bulb
Wipe the bulb with alcohol before installation to eliminate fingerprints and oil stains on it, which can effectively extend the life of the bulb.

8. Deal with the oxidation of battery poles
Pour a cup of boiling water on it to remove the annoying green patina.

9. The glass lifts up and down slightly, or the lift is slow
Apply an appropriate amount of petroleum jelly or spray WD-40 in the rubber strip, preferably with a rubber strip maintenance softener.

10. Quickly determine the problem of the waste gas valve
If the oil cap is opened and the suction is strong, it indicates that the waste gas valve is malfunctioning.

11. Quickly judge belt slippage
Watering on the belt, the disappearance of the abnormal noise indicates that the belt is slipping, and the watering increases the viscosity between the belt and the pulley.

12. Pressure exhaust hydraulic system air
This method is particularly effective for discharging the air of the clutch cylinder, that is, after the brake oil tank is filled with brake fluid, loosen the cylinder exhaust screw, and then pressurize from the oil tank. Fill the pipes and sub-pumps with oil.

Note: In this way, you must pay attention to the oil level in the tank and the air pressure (not too large).

PS: There is also a suction drain. After filling the brake fluid, the old oil and air are sucked out from the drain nozzle.

Everyone has more good experience and skills, you can share them in the comments to let more people know these tips and improve your maintenance skills.

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