Maintenance Tools For New Energy Vehicles

What tools are needed to repair new energy vehicles?

Need some insulation tools, and is to protect their own protection, such as rubber gloves, protective clothing, etc.

The main tools and testing equipment types and use of new energy vehicle maintenance

New energy repair tools are insulating tools, safety gloves, their own insulation detection table, current pliers are more commonly used.

How can we solve the problem of new energy vehicle energy replenishment?

For how to solve the new energy vehicle replenishment energy problem, you can start from the following three aspects.

First, set up multi-site supplemental electric energy station.

To solve the problem of new energy vehicles can not, first of all, we can increase government investment support, in multiple locations or even township village roadside to set up supplemental new energy vehicle power station, convenient new energy vehicles, supplemental power as well as some new energy vehicles because the power is too low in the halfway and can not walk. If we set up more energy stations, and if we can also set up stations for replenishing electric energy of new energy vehicles at remote intersections in towns and villages, we can solve this problem well and increase the promotion of new energy vehicles.

Second, improve the power stock of the supplementary electric energy tools in the post.

We should not only set up supplemental electric energy stations in multiple locations to provide basic supplemental electric energy services, but also provide sufficient electric energy stocks for the supplemental electric energy tools in the stations. New energy vehicles need more power energy, so we have to continuously develop and provide more power energy channels. For example, wind power generation, hydroelectric power generation, and power generation from other R&D channels. Only in this way can we ensure the energy supply of new energy vehicles and ensure the stable driving of new energy vehicles.

Third, supplement the replacement battery.

Finally, we can also prepare alternative products. For example, the same car with the same type and model of energy battery, in the driving distance, if the power is too low, you can take out a replacement in time. Research and development of more convenient and easy to change the method of replenishing the battery for better replacement. If we can develop a new energy battery that is environmentally friendly, safe and convenient for owners to replace, I believe that the problem of replenishing energy of new energy vehicles will be well solved.

In addition, we have to take into account the long time and slow replenishment of new energy vehicles, it is recommended that the research and development of new energy vehicles replenishment of the problem of inefficient replenishment of energy is also a top priority.

Can I use the common repair tools for new energy vehicle maintenance?

At present, the mainstream new energy vehicles mainly include hybrid cars, pure electric vehicles, etc., with batteries, motors and other components, with 500 volts left “UE engineer” right high-voltage electricity, therefore, in the maintenance of new energy vehicles, must use professional tools and equipment, good safety protection.
A, test instruments and professional disassembly tools
Megohmmeter, also known as digital megohmmeter, high-voltage insulation resistance tester, insulation resistance measuring instrument, etc., is mainly used to check the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, electrical lines to ground and between phases, to ensure that these devices, appliances and lines work in a normal state, to avoid electric shock casualties and equipment damage and other accidents.
Multimeter is a multi-function, multi-range, portable electronic instruments, can measure AC, DC current, voltage and resistance and other electrical parameters of a variety of magnetoelectric instruments, the use of multimeter should be in line with the CAT Ⅲ safety level.
Clamp current meter
New energy vehicle maintenance and diagnosis often need to measure the current in the wire, due to the presence of large alternating current in the wire of the drive system, must use a clamp-on ammeter for indirect testing. A clamp-on ammeter is a combination of a current transformer and an ammeter that can measure current without disconnecting the circuit.
Insulated handle removal tool
Using insulating materials for processing and applicable to electrical system disassembly and other operations, including torque wrenches, quick wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools, must be equipped with insulated handle with a voltage resistance of more than 1000V.
Diagnostic instruments
The new energy vehicle diagnostic instrument is also divided into special type and general type, the special type is for a certain brand of models, with comprehensive functions and more authority.
The general-purpose type includes more brands and models, with more functions and high practicality, covering many new energy models. It can carry out diagnosis and testing of battery, motor and other systems and parts, and support special functions including anti-theft matching, instrument panel repair, headlight adjustment, etc. It can be upgraded with one key, and is suitable for repair shops and maintenance stores.
Third, protective gear
To wear safety protective gear including insulated gloves, insulated shoes, goggles, etc. Other operating tools should also be wrapped with insulating tape in advance to remove the bare metal parts other than the contact points with standard parts to avoid accidental contact with live parts due to instrument failure or operating tools bare metal parts, resulting in high-voltage accidents.

Is the repair tool the same for ordinary cars and new energy cars?

Some or different new energy vehicles need some insulated tools.

What is the inspection method for new energy vehicles to wear insulated tools for repair?

First, the appearance check whether there is oil damage
Second, check the voltage resistance level
Third, use when operating high voltage
Fourth, after use independent storage to avoid sun exposure.

New energy vehicle power battery disassembly tools?

New energy car battery and electric bicycle usage is not the same, not often to take the battery out of the charge, only in the time of maintenance need to see the battery, so most car batteries are placed in the middle and rear of the battery.

How to solve the problem of charging a new energy car after buying it

1.New energy cars can be charged directly at 220V at home, and the manufacturer will provide you with charging tools.

2. You can charge it at the charging pile built outside, and you can charge it by swiping your card.

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