AUTOOL Digital Differential Manometer Hand-held Air Pressure Gauge Negative Vacuum Press Gauge Meter Monitoring Manometro 512A

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AUTOOL Manometer Professional Air Pressure Meter with Two Differential Pressure Gauge Input Ports HVAC Gas Pressure Tester

This instrument is designed with imported pressure sensors, high precision ADC and low power consumption MCU. It features professional digital pressure gauge with high precision, wide range, high resolution, large screen display and indoor temperature measurement; with a single channel it is possible to quickly measure the current detection pressure value (relative to the current atmospheric pressure), whereas the dual channel allows simultaneous detection of the pressure difference between the two detection ports (P1-P2).


Product Precautions??

?? The instrument should be kept away from vibration sources, strong electromagnetic fields and areas with drastic temperature changes to avoid inaccurate data caused by vibration and electromagnetic interference, temperature fluctuations, etc.
?? When measuring corrosive and toxic gases or liquids, please pay attention to take protective measures to avoid personal danger or damage to the instrument.
?? When the instrument reminds low battery , please replace the battery in time. Please take out the battery when you don’t use the instrument for a long time, so as not to damage the instrument by liquid leakage.
?? Please do not exceed the maximum value of input ??20KP/52kPa/89kPa/52kPa/89kPa, when measuring pressure .When measuring the pressure of a single channel, please do not block the other channel, nor should it face the windy direction. At this moment, the instrument displays the differential value between the current measurement port and atmospheric pressure.
?? When the interface displays over the range during measurement, please disconnect the vent, and then the displayed data will automatically back to normal; (Pa unit can only be displayed up to 9999, and it can be switch to the next KPa unit).
?? Please press and hold the HOLD button to clear the zero point drift of the data under the current mode before measurement (before connecting to the air tube).


Product Usage??

This product can be extensively used in natural gas pipelines, air conditioning and refrigeration ventilation systems, mechanical hydraulics, plastic molding, ceramic products manufacturing, biopharmaceutical molding, mining pressure testing, petrochemical Industrial smelting, gas, liquid and production industrial equipment pressure detection, liquid level detection, Laboratory calibration, medical environment micro-pressure testing, etc.



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