AUTOOL Dual Clutch Transmission Remover Installer Tool Kit Compatible for Ford DSG DCT DPS6 Cars

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AUTOOL Dual Clutch Transmission Remover Installer Tool Kit Compatible for Ford DSG DCT DPS6 Cars

1. [Practicle Tool Kit ]: AUTOOL Whole set of Dual Clutch Transmission Remover Installer Tool kit Compatible for Ford cars. Suitable for most Ford Cars DSG DCT DPS6 Dual Clutch Transmission
2. [Premium Quality]: Made of metal steel material, sturdy and hard. durable for long time use. Indispensible workshop tool for professionals and DIY mechanics alike.
3. [Acculately Design]: Precise size, perfect Fit for Ford Car Dual Clutch Transmission
4.[Handy & Easy]: Heavy-duty blow-molded plastic carrying case for quick transportation, simple storage, and organization.
5.[3-YEAR WARRANTY]: For damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promise to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcomed to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours.
Instructions of AUTOOL Dual Clutch Transmission Remover Installer Tool Kit Compatible for Ford DSG DCT DPS6 Cars
Disassembly lock instructions:
Step 1:
Disassemble the double clutch fixing snap ring, install and remove the three claws and pull out the double clutch.
Step 2:
Put the double clutch into the base of the tool, insert the cylinder into the base with the inside facing up, and place the two tool wrenches in the appropriate position.
Tap the two wrenches to pinch them (the two wrenches are pinched when locked, you can use a hard object to pat them loose).
Step 3:
Take out the dual-clutch locking tool Ⅰ to align the base, screw in the screw and knead the two wrenches, unscrew the bearing nut on the screw, and release the wrench into the three-side clamping slot when it is in position Locking tool Ⅰ.
Step 4:
Install the locking tool Ⅱ and align it with the appropriate slot to fit it into the base cylinder. Screw in the screw, pinch the two wrenches, and unscrew the bearing nut. When you hear a few crackling sounds, remove the locking tool Ⅱ and see if the internal card slot enters the round hole .
If not, continue to step 4. At this point, the dual clutch tool has been locked and can be installed at any time.
Instructions for installing an unlock lock:
Step 1:
Insert the locked double clutch, put it into the mounting sleeve, install the extension feet on three sides to fix the proper holes, and fix the extension feet. Unscrew the screw and observe whether it is in place. When in place, remove the tool and install the retaining ring.
Step 2:
Remove the motor on both sides, use the hexagonal tool to insert the motor teeth, and rotate it counterclockwise to the end (there is a popping sound when rotating, and the double clutch slightly pops up). Turn the other side counterclockwise again. Finally install the motor. At this point, the dual clutch has been unlocked and can be loaded.


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