AUTOOL X500 OBD2 HUD & Car Bluetooth GPS Navigation Head Up Display Projector

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Product introduction

AUTOOL X500 Smart on-board HUD is a head-up display device that connects the ECU of car and mobile phone. This product is installed above the dashboard and displays the navigation information of the car or mobile phone on the HUD through Bluetooth transmission. The display, including speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, etc., it allows driver to focus on the road ahead, providing the driver with a safer and more technological driving experience.

Note:This product cannot display maps of South Korea and Japan

Installation & Operation

1) Insert the OBD plug into the OBD port of vehicle.
2) Start the vehicle and plug the other end of the OBD power cable into the power socket on the back of the HUD.
* The vehicle??s OBD port is generally at the locations as shown in the picture. Tips: The Bluetooth HUD will start automatically after the vehicle starts, and the main unit will automatically shut down when the vehicle is off. On some vehicles the shutdown may delay for 3-5 minutes.
3) Fix the HUD on the soft rubber base first, or attach the base with the 3M adhesive piece attached to fix it.
4) Place the HUD above the dashboard, select and confirm a position where the screen information is shown clear.
5) Open the downloaded Anavi navigation software, click on the HUD in the upper left corner for Bluetooth connection, the software will automatically scan data to AUTOOLX500, click it to connect to the HUD main unit. After the connection is successful, the connection will be made automatically

No restrictions on car models??

Packing list??

1* AUTOOL X500 Smart on-board HUD Meter Main Unit

1* Mini USB Refitted Power Cable

1* User Manual

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