Tutorial of AUTOOL CT150/CT200 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaning Machine Injector Cleaner

AUTOOL CT150 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner is a professional four cylinders auto fuel injector testing cleaning machine. It will help us clean and test the injectors of gasoline cars and motorcycles. Support for more cars and motorcycles.It can only be used to clean diesel fuel injectors. The cleaning fluid is 3M car injector cleaning fluid, and the test fluid is industrial alcohol. Its working voltage range is 110-230V.CT150 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner has two versions: Russian and English.

The AUTOOL CT200 injector cleaning and testing machine is designed with wide voltage technology and is suitable for 110V and 220V voltage. It is combined with ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology. Fuel pump oil supply simulates low, medium, and high engine conditions, cleaning and testing the fuel injectors of the automobile; ultrasonic cleaning can simultaneously clean multiple injectors, which can effectively and completely remove carbon deposit for automobiles injectors.

Cleaning mode:

Pour in the special detergent and place the injector,

Plugin the power cord, turn on the switch, and select the ultrasonic cleaning mode,

Recycle the detergent after cleaning.

Test mode:

Pour in the special automatic injector test fluid, and observe the volume of the test fluid through the visible window.

Plugin the power cord, turn on the switch, and select the test mode,

Adjust the test pressure and observe the pressure value through the pressure gauge.

All test functions:

 Idling Test (0-20ms)

Leak Checking Test

Medium Speed Test (0-7.5ms)

Idling Spray Value Test

High-Speed Test (0-4ms)

Medium speed Spray Value Test

Accelerating Test

High-Speed Spray Value Test

Shifting Speed Test

For more detailed tutorials, please download our product manual. For more videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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