What testing equipment is needed for new energy vehicles?

electric vehicle
 First, new energy testing equipment should be the first mechanical aspects of the test:

  1.tensile testing machine: used to test the automotive wire and cable class pull-off damage performance test.

  2. Plugging force testing machine: used to test the charging gun and charging pile plugging life test, as well as terminal plugging force test

Second, new energy testing equipment and then is the simulation of environmental reliability testing

  Simulation environment test chamber in addition to high and low temperature test chamber, hot and cold shock test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber, rain test chamber, aging test chamber thought, there is a whole car of high and low temperature test room. Because the new energy vehicles compared to the previous cars, electrical safety is required more consideration. The whole car must be in the simulated climate conditions of some aging performance testing.

Third, some other auxiliary aspects of the testing equipment

  Installed testing equipment, reliability testing equipment and ordinary testing equipment is basically similar. Some customers also need three integrated equipment, shaking table, etc.

Fourth, in addition to some automotive performance-related testing instruments

  Air filter test bench, hose pulse fatigue test bench, clutch comprehensive test bench, rotating belt fatigue test bench, wiper system comprehensive performance testing machine, warm air performance test bench, glass lifter test bench, electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine and other products

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